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My name is Omar Arriaga. I am passionate about designing next-gen products. I grew up in San Mateo, CA located between San Jose and San Francisco. I am familiar with designing various stages of hardware and software projects. I have seen my community change over the last couple of years and many small businesses close. My goal with Humble Help Studio is to take my knowledge in tech and help out small businesses anyway I can to attract more customers.

I'm Vick, I moved to the states from Armenia during the last economic crisis in 2009. I have lived in Redwood City ever since. I studied Industrial Engineering at SJSU while working in startups. I help startups to bring products to market by doing product management, product design, business dev and marketing. Seeing what happened to a lot of the small businesses during COVID, Omar and I decided to take action and use our silicon valley experience and help.

Vick Vahram Antonyan
Roberto Perez

Hello—I'm Roberto! I am a visual designer. I am passionate for problem-solving and building trust with customers through design thinking. I value building empathy within communities, celebrating diversity, and empowering information accessibility with integrity as a designer.

We are currently volunteering as much time as possible and always happy to get more help. We and the small businesses definitely need YOU and your skills to survive through pandemic and thrive after. If you wish to help, please feel free to contact us directly.
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