How It Started

Watch the one-minute pitch that helped us to get selected as a finalist (top 6 out of 175 startups in the country) of Pitch for Purpose - National Competiton for Social Entrepreneurs hosted by US Chamber of Commerce

Humble Help Studio Intro


Omar Arriaga
Co-Founder & CTO

I am passionate about designing products. I am familiar with designing various stages of hardware and software projects. I grew up in San Mateo, I have seen my community change over the last couple of years and many small businesses close. My goal with Humble Help Studio is to take my knowledge in tech and help out small businesses any way I can to attract more customers.

Vick Vahram Antonyan
Co-Founder & CEO

I have lived in Redwood City ever since I moved to the United States in 2009. I studied Industrial Engineering at SJSU while working in startups. I help startups to bring products to market by doing product management, product design, business dev and marketing. Seeing what happened to a lot of the small businesses during COVID, Omar and I decided to take action and use our silicon valley experience and help


Roberto Perez
Visual Designer

I am a visual designer. I am passionate for problem-solving and building trust with customers through design thinking. I value building empathy within communities, celebrating diversity, and empowering information accessibility with integrity as a designer

Abby Davis

A data-driven, analytical thinker who enjoys creating and improving business operations. I studied Industrial Engineering at SJSU. Passionate about helping small businesses especially with everything they’ve gone through during COVID-19


Indelisa Muro
Business Strategy BASF - Spain

Abhishek Bhattacharya
Head of Strategy & Ops Tata Consultancy Services

Adriana Fernandez
Community Engagement Nuestra Casa

Chuck Scifers
Business Adviser San Mateo County SBDC