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Help small businesses with branding and growth while being mentored and trained

Help small businesses with branding and growth

Online Training

Go through our mini academy to get familiar with the best marketing tools that will help you during your internship

No-Code Tools

Learn cutting edge no-code tools to build websites and automate marketing in minutes

AI Tools

Take advantage of AI tools to empower your work and save time

Online Academy
Student Mentorship


Jumpstart your career and get coaching sessions with working professionals in your field

Online Community

Be part of an online community of students with similar career goals

Educational Sessions

Attend online sessions to stay on top of industry trends


Work with a local business to understand their challenges and help them grow their digital presence

Match with a Local Business

Get matched based on location, hobbies and interests

Land a Part-Time Internship

Earn while learn during the semester

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Kickstart your marketing career with a part-time internship helping a local business

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HH Academy
Self Paced
1 Month
  • Branding & Logo Design
  • Web Design
  • Local SEO
  • Marketing Automation
  • Zapier & Airtable
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Match with a Business
Matching Process
1 Week
  • Match by Location
  • Match by Interests
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Start Working
3 Months
  • Paid
  • Part-time
  • Real World Impact
  • HH Guidance
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